Suitcases and briefcases

The perfect alternative for file folders that cannot contain a greater volume of contents. We create capacious chests with handles in various versions, shapes, and textures. They are made from the best laminated solid cardboard that is additionally reinforced. They are exceptionally durable and handy. They have many uses. They can be used as souvenirs for customers, carriers for greater volume of office documents, or carriers of product templates. They are essential in the work of commercial agents. They are the best choice for expos, conferences, and training sessions. As the leading Rigid Box packagings manufacturer, the MILO Company has at its disposal a broad range of refinements, such as hot stamping, embossing, decorative lacquers, glitter, and many other. Briefcases and chests can be closed using snaps, magnets, or Velcro.
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