Rigid Box With Lid

Otherwise known as two-part boxes. It is an exceptionally popular form of packaging. The two-part Rigid Box packaging combines key features as on one hand it is very practical, while on the other hand it is aesthetic. It allows to perfectly present a logotype or print. This is a significant factor in marketing, where Customers first focus on the packaging, which is a prelude to the product itself. Very often an interestingly designed box “sells” the product. Here, in MILO, we make two-part boxes from solid cardboard, laminated, with any print, and in many sizes. As a manufacturer, we are able to manufacture any type of packaging, which we can enrich with various accessories, i.e. hot-stamping, embossing, various veneers, UV lacquers, silk touch foil, and many more. The bottom-lid box can be a gift box, company box, or exclusive box. When enriched with foam or cardboard filling, it can act as template box. It is an essential packaging for cosmetics, essential oils, alcohol, jewellery, perfumes, games, wallets, and many other products.
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