Folding boxes

Folding boxes quite often appear under the name “flat folding boxes”. This is an exceptionally clever and practical packaging variant. On one hand, the box is made from the best laminated solid cardboard and retains the features of an exclusive box. On the other hand, it eliminates the problem with storing as it takes very little space. Costs of transport are also reduced. Folding box is exceptionally easy to assemble and does not require gluing. As the leading Rigid Box packagings manufacturer, the MILO Company offers a series of accessories and refinements, such as canvas or leather texture, hot stamping, embossing, printing, UV foil, silk touch foil, and many more. Folding box can be used as gift box, jewellery box, cosmetic box, confectionary box, or exclusive box. Flat folding boxes take very little space in warehouse and impress with their elegance and class after assembly - those are their main features.
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