Custom Rigid Drawer Box

Box with cover is certainly the most interesting styled box that we manufacture. It is commonly known as box with band. The task of attracting and intriguing the recipient with the contents inside packaging rests on this band. Simply put, the mentioned cover is a band around the box. It can have the same dimensions as the box. Quite often it appears in the form of a band with any dimensions. We make each box with cover according to Customer’s individual design. This allows us to prepare tailored product perfectly adjusted to its contents. We can put any print, graphic, UV lacquer, or any other refinement on the box with cover. Each packaging created by the MILO Company is made from fully bio-degradable materials and is eco-friendly. The high-quality solid cardboard used to manufacture the box makes it exceptionally durable and helps it keep an impeccable appearance for a long time. The same can be said about the cover - it is resistant to damage, scratches, or laceration. Box with cover will be the perfect choice for gift box, cosmetic box, game box, or styled box. It will be the best choice wherever we want to attract the Customer or we seek for an element of surprise and original idea.
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